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taller danza butoh con Mehdi Farajpour

Taller de danza butoh con Mehdi Farajpour
en saltamontes, russafa
28, 29 y 30 de Octubre 20011
28 y 29 de 14h a 19h
domingo 30 de 10 a 16h

Butoh dance Production:: n a n a e

“Meditative dance” Taller de danza butoh por Mehdi Farajpour (Persia)

28.10 – 29.10 – 30.10 – 2011

LUGAR: Sala Saltamontes

C/ Padre Perera n1 p2 , barrio de Ruzafa, al lado de la iglesia San Valero

El curso es accesible tanto a profesionales como a principiantes.

PRECIO: 100- € / 90- € reducido

Precio reducido hasta el 30 de Septiembre.

Para reservar to plaza completa el documento adjunto y remitelo a esta dirección de correo.

Para saber más contacta con : Butoh dance production nanae

traveling from me to the stones,
From the stones to the trees,
From the trees to the sun,
From the sun to me,
And from me
to me…

These are all the exercises we are going to try through the course. We will take our minds to a
journey. We will pick back our bodies as well, to a way and valleys in front.
We will watch the grasses, the sky, the air, and we will face the emptiness. Being grasses, being sky, being
the air and being nobody and nothing… The most sophisticate thing to be; being nothing. But, this is
the point for us to not to get lost. We will search how to become nobody through our bodies. Becoming
nobody and reaching the emptiness. Walking in empty bodies. these are the basic techniques of which
we will try. We will stay unmoving as a tree for years, perhaps.

…to sit as a stone for ages.
…to breathe like the air.
…to move as the wind, as the water, as the sun…

It is possible since we have already got all these elements inside of us. So, they just need to come
up from deep of our existence to be exposed.


Cada sesión : 5 horas

Inculye Técnicas de Hata Yoga: “Cyclic Yoga”

Técnicas de danza butoh a través del metodo de Meditación de la danza.

Ejercicios de danza-meditación.

Mehdi Farajpour official web :

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